Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thesis Statements

View this presentation on Writing a Thesis Statement. Draft and post three of your own thesis statements based on the notes we made during our brainstorming session on Monday.

Note: The examples you will be viewing are based on literature, but the essence of technique remains the same. 


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  2. Three Thesis Statements on celebrities and drugs
    1) Celebrities are dying from drug addiction in Hollywood, everywhere and anywhere.
    2) Drug addiction is supplied to celebrities via friends, doctors, illegally through drug dealers.
    3) Celebrities become addicted to drugs at the peak of fame and at the lowest part of career.

  3. Celebrities and Drugs
    1)Celebrities are ruining their life’s because of the use of drugs.

    2)A lot of celebrities are tempted by the excitement or escape drugs seem to offer.

    3)Celebrities are lead to do drugs because of the pressure and stressful life they have.

  4. The lives if celebrities under the heavy influence of drugs

    1) Celebrities choose self destruction over life enriching fame.

    Why do celebrities choose self destruction over life enriching fame? Celebrities choose self destruction over life enriching fame, because of many ultimately selfish decisions. Among them being drugs, which are consumed as an escape from their lavish realities. Celebrities under heavy limelight often suffer from overwhelming stress and endless obligations. These drug induced escapes through narcotics often aid them in feeling free from their social demanding chains.

    2) Rehabilitation centers really aid celebrities in ridding themselves of their addictions.

    Can rehabilitation centers really aid celebrities in ridding themselves of their addictions?
    Rehabilitation centers may aid willing celebrities in ridding themselves over addictions. These centers are meant to distance celebrities from their troubled current lives and access to addictive drugs. Rehab offers an array of programs which aid celebrities in regaining their stability and high social status. Sadly though, only some celebrities are saved through rehab. Amy Winehouse for example went through a rehab center, yet in the end she was consumed once again by drugs, for good.

    3)Celebrities allowed to be free to choose what they wish in life.

    Should celebrities like the renowned Whitney Houston be permissible to their sullen fates or should they live their lives exemplifying virtue? Celebrities like Whitney Houston should be permissible to any ill fate, even if they fail to live in an exemplifying nature because of their high social status. Celebrities are human; humans are prone to live freely and choose willingly what they do accordingly with their lives. Whether it be using syringes to shoot up heroine or bring awareness and aid to those poverty stricken in Africa.

  5. 1. “Hollywood” appears to be the leading advocate of drugs as many celebrities are mistreating them and hurting their health.

    2. As an access of creativity, image, and energy celebrities incline to the damaging abuse of drug addiction ending careers and triggering death.

    3. Overdose being the primary cause of death in many celebrities, prescribed drugs give the impression of being more harmful than helpful in today’s society.

  6. 1_The majority of musicians during their career decide to choose the drug life because they believe they will be deeper with their music.
    2_Some models abuse drugs in order to portray a certain image in show business but more and more models are ending up dead because of the drug abusing or pill-popping addiction.
    3_Professional athletes tend to use drugs to become more successful with their careers, even if it’s illegal in the United States.

  7. 3 Thesis Statements.

    1- Many Celebrities rely on drugs to cope with daiy stress that comes with being a celebrity.

    2- Some Celebrities wouldn't be the celebrity we know them to be if it wasn't for drugs. Some celebs have to be intoxicated in order to reach their creative mind state.

    3- Celebrities become drug addicted because, it's something they see on a daily base. Those celebrities that become drug addicts are weak minded individuals since they are easily influenced.

  8. 1. Due to the pressure from the public and the pressure of fame, celebrities lead drug addicted destructive lifestyles.

    2.Celebrities that choose to lead drug addicted lifestyles are trying get a "bad ass" label.

    3.Drug addicted lifestyles are expected from celebrities because of all the pressure the public putts on them

  9. My Question:
    Why do celebrities tend to use their money and power towards drug addiction rather than doing better in life?

    -Celebrities tend to use their money towards drug addiction rather than doing better because a quick drug related getaway from life seems to be more fulfilling.

    - Countless Celebrities have a tendency to use their money and power towards drug addiction rather than doing better for themselves because of the overwhelming and stressful work ethics.

    - Having money and power, celebrities believe that leading drug addicting lives is the only way to access their true creativity.

  10. Instead of using their wealth and power towards good; why Celebs lead towards destruction?
    1.) Celebs often lead towards destruction to escape their overwhelming lives by drug addiction so they can feel at ease and just forget about reality. If they would put the same amount of effort into helping others and making the world a better place, they might all have a different outcome.

    Why the fame, the fans, the glitz, and glamour; Why become an inspirable icon to our society if at the end of the day you choose the drug addiction?
    2.) Never knowing what goes on in celebrities mind while choosing the road of drug addiction. Many of them start to forget why and how they got to where they are because of the blindness of the fame. So they turn to other gateways to relief personal situations and trauma they have encountered with in life.

    Should we only accuse the celebs for their drug addiction or miss use of prescription drugs or other people close to them play a major role to their drug addiction?
    3.) Many celebrities are at fault for their drug addiction and their miss use of prescription drugs, but we should also look at how they get a hold of it. Little do we know that the major part on celebs getting a hold of these drugs is the people they now really well and their private doctors. In which most don’t have their best interest at heart and only see the dollar signs.

  11. Thesis statements
    1- Most of the celebs use drugs as an easy way to overcome the great amounts of stress in their careers.
    2- Celebs start using drugs as an advice from “friends” or something to get “high” and keep themselves away from the fame.
    3- The Celebs know that drugs can lead them to death and they used drugs anyway. Drugs can cause many effects, for example they could lose weight and they fall in addiction in most situations.

  12. 1. Although celebs have a significant amount of money and fame, many of them seem to always fall into a drug addicted and destructive life.

    In the mist of a busy life, lack of energy and dealing with fame, many celebs often look to drugs as an escape.

    Often times many celebs turn to drugs due to the stress and pressure there career brings, often causing the celebs to loose there life.

  13. Three Thesis Statements.
    1)Many athletes abuse drugs due to the pressures of the standards they have to uphold.

    2)A majority of entertainers abuse drugs because they believe it helps their creativity.

    3)Most artist who misuse drugs do it because that is the requirement of the image they have to depict.

  14. Three Thesis Statements
    1)Most talented celebrities become overwhelm over time by the fame and the wealth that comes with it too.

    2)The mind control that celebrities intervene when talent and money become conflicted with family problems, which takes over their mind and body.

    3)Celebrities become so in power with wealth and the fame that they start losing control to substances.

  15. 1. Why are talented celebrities abusing drugs?

    Celebrities are finiding a gateway in drugs for a temporary escape from their publicized lives. They have no privacy, they are being critizised with every move they make, and on top of that, they don't know who they can truly trust. Many of these things can drive any of us to do something we may not want to do. Sometimes we get lost in our anxieties.

    2. Why do celebritities find it easier to do something negative with their fame and fortune rather than do something positive?

    There are various things influiencing celebrities to do right from wrong. The peer pressure from colleagues, the need to get to the top, and remembering right from wrong because of following others. It is always easier to partie and get high, rather than standing up for yourself and others in need.

    3. What can we do to prevent Whitney Houston's tragedy from recurring again?

    The best way to prevent tragedies like Whitney Houston's from recurring again is to raise awareness to other on the effects of drugs and alcohol. We can do that by organizing groups in schools, campaigns on television; throughout popular programs, as well as obtaining the help from someone whom people may look up to as a role model. There's nothing we can't try in order to make our society more resposible and aware.

  16. - Many celebrities mislead themselves to a life of drugs addiction and alcoholism because they can't seem to find a way to cope with the pressure of their careers and the fact of being famous.

    - Parties, long tours, shows, concerts, demand more energy from celebrities; drugs seems to be the solution to this problems but in the contrary they find destruction and eventually their own death.

    - Prescription drugs can become addictive specially for famous people who can't handle the stress of their lifestyle and type of jobs.

  17. 1) You may think that celebrities have a wonderful life, full of fame, money and happiness. It is not until they have a tragic end that we realize they have a addictive lifestyle, due to the amount of stress, demanding causes and desire to escape their reality.
    2) Many celebrities find their fame and success as an excuse to continue bad habits and drug addictions they had before going into the entertainment business.
    3) Celebrities can have anything and everything they want, and once they have enjoyed their wealth and have become bored with it, they turn to drugs and get addicted to that lifestyle.

  18. Three thesis statement
    • Most celebrities think while being under the influence they would actually perform better in front of fans& exc.
    • Not all celebrities waste their earnings on drugs just because they are rich and famous.
    • The majority of musicians/famous celebrities choose the drug life just because they believe that their work would be better and fans would be more into the celebrity and there work.